5 Tips to Help Ace Your Bartending Interview


Getting a good bartending job consists of about 2 things. Who you are (your ability/experience, swagger and personality) and even more importantly, your timing. When you do get that face to face time with the manager/owner responsible for signing off on you getting the job.  There are very, very easy ways to blow your chances. Below are some tips on acing that opportunity:

  • Know your brands. – You will likely be asked for examples of this spirit or that one. Study, study, study!  Memorize several of each kind of spirit, it will only help you.
  • Leverage your references – If you have or have had friends who worked at the location, drop their names.  Next to your charisma, there is nothing more powerful than word-of-mouth.
  • Come prepared – Walk into every single interview ready to work behind the bar immediately with your entire kit.  Be ready for an evaluation shift each and every time.  Your bartending kit should consist of, at a minimum: 3 pens, 1 dual-stage wine key, and a flat bottle-popper.
  • Be persistent and confident – Whether it’s your 1st interview or your 100th.  Keep your chin up and believe you are not only worthy of the job, but that you deserve the job more than anyone else.  Charisma and character are 75% of what will get you hired.
  • Use proper terminology – When describing specific drink recipes, use terms like “simple” instead of “simple syrup”  Use “ounce and a half” instead of “shot of.”  Get used to saying “ring” as opposed to “nightly sales.”  Terms like: Front of House, Check Presenter, Store-n-Pour, Z-out, show your experience and professionalism.

Good luck on your interview!