The Secret Behind Hire Y’all All-Stars


Hireyall.com’s new profile filter, ‘Hire Y’all All-Stars’, has been getting a lot of attention. The filter is used so much, it seems that managers don’t want anything to do with non-All-Star profiles!

In a nut shell, when a manager searches for employees and applies the Hire Y’all All-Star filter, only the best candidates are shown. This has been great for managers that hire those candidates quickly, but the slow movers end up having to settle for the average candidate.


Hire Y'all All-Star Filter


If you’re reading this and you are a job seeker, you may be asking “Hey! How do I become a Hire Y’all All-Star?” Well there are a few basic things you can do like:

  • Make sure your profile is a 100% complete
  • Put up a professional profile selfie
  • And include all of your work history

Once you have the basics, you’re experience will be reviewed by the Hire Y’all Team and they’ll decide if you fit the  Hire Y’all All-Star profile!

Good luck, relax, and let us Hire Y’all!


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