Working Through the Holidays

The Holiday season is a time for joy, family, and love. Everyone comes together to enjoy and celebrate his or her respectful holidays with the ones that are most important that they may not have the time to visit throughout the year. This is the upside to this season. The downside, however, is for those working. From the mall to the restaurants and the parking lots in between, there is chaos from Thanksgiving to The New Year.


When working this holiday season, the most important thing to remember is to take care of you first. You can’t be of assistance to any of your 400 customers if you have high stress levels and low energy. Take your breaks when you get them and actually sit down and relax. Most employees only get 30 minutes for breaks, so use that time to recharge. Another thing to remember is to eat a good breakfast, stay hydrated, and wear comfortable clothes/shoes. The most negative moods can come from being hungry and being uncomfortable or in pain. Also, not consuming enough water can bring on headaches. So take care of yourself and remain pleasant.


You will have customers that are jolly in the holiday spirit like Santa, but with every Santa there’s a scrooge. Keep in mind that every customer is not the same and you never know the kind of day they had or what this holiday season may mean to them. If they have a bad attitude don’t take it personally. Try to be as pleasant and polite as you can. In most cases a smile will go a long way.


So, get into the holiday spirit, remember to take care of yourself, and don’t forget to be present in the moment of cheer.


Happy Holidays to all of you from the folks over here at Hire Y’all!